Vinylcloth Folding Doors

Folding Doors Solutions by GT Blinds, choose to supply their customers with Lotus Folding Doors & Room Dividers due to their superior quality. Vinyl-cloth folding doors & room dividers are not only high quality, but each and every door is made to our customers’ individual requirements.

Lotus’ folding doors are manufactured using a vinyl-cloth material with a cloth mesh fabric backing which offers a superior strength and flexibility. These bi-fold doors & room dividers come with a unique double track system, which allows the door to open and close smoothly and are silent in use.

Folding Doors Solutions customised vinyl folding doors & room dividers made of best quality material from Lotus. Vinyl-cloth folding doors & room dividers can be used for personal and commercial purposes as well as for media rooms, offices, meeting rooms, motorhomes or caravans. Vinyl Cloth bi-fold room dividers can be an ideal choice for creating space and making the best use of your area. They can also save you money on you electricity bills, helping you to conserve heating and air conditioning.

Not only for utilising space, these folding doors & room dividers are usually supplied and installed with a receiving channel so the doors are held closed. As an optional extra we have three lock and latch combinations, they are:

  • Positive Latch – Controlled and operated from both the sides, it prevents the door from getting pulled out of the channel.
  • Latch and Privacy Snib – An additional snib lock system is added to one side with an emergency release on the other side.
  • Commercial Latch and key lock – Two sided cylinder key lock system, controlled by the master key, if needed.

Our Vinyl-cloth concertina doors & room dividers are available in a versatile range of attractive finishes. These finishes include:

  • Versatile neutrals,
  • Authentic wood grains,
  • Fine textures and colours

Additionally, you can pick from a number of matching lead post colours and all bi- fold doors come with matching pelmets and tie back straps.

Vinyl Cloth Bi-fold doors & room dividers are made for doorways up to a height of 3m & almost any width.

Our professional team can help you can make the door you want, following are some of your options:

  • Curved tracks,
  • Aluminium pelmets,
  • Alternative fabric colour each side (will need drawings),
  • Single door
  • Bi-parting pair (opening in the middle)
  • Double end post (opening both ends)

At Folding Doors Solutions we are offer a supply and installation across Brisbane, Gold Coast and up to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

For the people located outside this area, we offer a Supply Only of Vinyl Cloth Folding Doors & Room Dividers, which can be easily installed by a DIY customer. We can send a concertina door to your specification anywhere in Australia.

For further information about our Supply Only Folding Doors & Room Dividers, & instructions on How to measure, visit our Supply Only page or visit our online store.
Following are the specifications of Vinyl-cloth Folding Doors:

  • Maximum Height – 3m
  • Maximum width – 4.5m single or 9.0m Bi Parting Pair
  • Panel Thickness – 6 mm
  • Panel width – 90 mm
  • Tack back width – 8%width + 35mm
  • Stack breadth – 90mm
  • Pelmet separation – Minimum 90mm
  • Weight/sqm opening – 6kg



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